Okay, okay, I’m getting to it already…

Sign:  Scorpio

Occupation: Link Ranching (Too bad it doesn’t pay)

Throws/Writes:  Right handed

Hometown:  Houston, Texas (Bush is from Maine.  He adopted Texas and brainwashed everyone into believing he’s from here.) 

Political Stance:  I think all politicians should be microchipped.

Favorite Flavor:  Curry, Grape drink, The taste of success (Whatever that is?) 

Favorite Car:  Tesla Roadster


Favorite 80’s Hair Band:  Tesla

Favorite Electrical Genius:  Nikola Tesla

Dislikes:  The internal combustion engine, traffic, driving, people driving in traffic.  I hate excessive noises, bright lights, and power saws (NO, I’m not a tree hugger – I use hammers and nails all the time).

Hates:  Dell Computers, Michael Dell, Microsoft, Rich people, The war on terror, Politicians, The new Neo-Con America, Humvees and SUV’s, Carnies (Small hands).

Favorite Color:  Black (Clothes), Silver (Car), White (Websites)

Favorite Movie:  Raising Arizona, Harold & Maude

Anything else you need to know about me is on this weblog just click on any one of the many links on the right hand side.  Almost every post is a video so I hope you have a high-speed internet connection.

Please feel free to comment at any time; I’m not great at responding but I’m a good listener…


4 responses to “About

  1. Hey guys. Cool site. However, I found through Google that we were on the same page as a cold blooded killer. I was wondering why he is on a site called “All things cool”…

    I would respectfully request that either we are taken off your site or that you remove him.

    No discrespect. Just don’t want to be associated with dirtbags…

  2. Hi!
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    Thought it might be a good fit.
    Keep up the good work!


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