The Right Stuff

Exceptionalism?  I don’t think that’s a (real) word?

The tough question begins at the 6min: 30sec mark:

…Reassure those people, if you can, in this interview, why you are not only fit to be vice president, but if called upon, ready to be president of the United States?

“Yeah, absolutely,  and its not just my executive experience… will be put to good use as, um … good in this world… and America that is a nation, just, of, EXCEPTIONALISM, so much to offer, and so much opportunity here, and hope here, and what we need to do is allow that opportunity to be seized by the people who live here, government not getting in their way, government being put back on their side, so that our families and our businesses can grow and prosper and thrive, and John McCain and I – so sharing of that WORLD VIEW, and how we’re gonna get there, it’s gonna be good for this nation.”

Great answer, for a monkey!  Now I see why they don’t want her to be seen in public…

Sarah Palin’s Interview With News Channel 8:  Link


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