General Motors Killed The Electric Car

In the 1960’s we put a car on the moon that was 100% Electric and ran for hundreds of miles, up hill and down hill on the hard, rough and cold surface of the moon.

In the 1990’s GM, and Toyota, both manufactured an assembly line Electric Vehicle that everyone LOVED! 

Since Congress intervened, Toyota has stopped production of it’s EV’s, and now GM is threatening to go bankrupt.  Here we are in late 2008, slaves to petroleum, and the only answer is, “more drilling offshore.”


4 responses to “General Motors Killed The Electric Car

  1. My Electric Car – Part 1

    by Tom Hanks

  2. Tom Hanks’ Electric Car

    …explains to David Letterman about the advantages to electric cars, and hybrids.

  3. Who Killed the Electric Car trailer

    Over 3,430,000 views!

  4. I had no idea that every manufacturer has made an EV at one time:

    Now the oil companies don’t wont us to have them. So they are doing everything they can to stop the manufacturing of the electric car!

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