What’s the Story with High Gas Prices?

Combined with a weak dollar, gas prices continue to rise because oil corporations are making record profits and operating without regulation (and avoiding taxes doesn’t hurt either).  These diluted Americans have no clue:


9 responses to “What’s the Story with High Gas Prices?

  1. Oil Rises to Record on Concern Iran Supplies May Be Disrupted

    June 30 (Bloomberg) — Crude oil rose to a record above $143 a barrel on speculation the dispute over Iran’s nuclear program may disrupt supply from OPEC’s second-largest producer.


  2. Fortis expects bankruptcies amongst 6000 American banks which have a small coverage currently – also Citigroup, General Motors. “There is starting a complete meltdown in the US.”


  3. Press TV: How can it just be one person among so many hundreds of Congressmen who wants the impeachment of George W. Bush in these circumstances?

    Gore Vidal: Well it’s because we no longer have a country. We don’t have a republic any more.


  4. ‘You’re working for gas now’

    He’s also seen a growing interest in smaller cars, a claim backed up by the local Chevy dealer.

    What this propaganda story is not saying is that DEMAND FOR GAS is down, even in rural areas.


  5. Tesla’s Elon Musk promises sub-$30k all-electric car in less than four years

    FOUR YEARS??? I’m not sure we have that long?


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