Ron Paul on “Morning Joe”

If you can watch all ten minutes of this interview it will give you a good idea of what Ron Paul is all about.

Don’t forget he is from Surfside, Texas, which is about 35 minutes from here, yet the Houston Chronicle refuses to acknowledge his existence (except for negative comments of course):


5 responses to “Ron Paul on “Morning Joe”

  1. Hell yes! Go Ron Paul! He is the savior of our nation… Champion of the Constitution!

  2. A quick search for Ron Paul (Houston Chronicle) returns 282 results. Maybe you weren’t looking closely enough?

  3. Way to go Trailer Trash! You’ve scratched the surface. Now try reading any ONE of those articles (if you can)… They are all NEGATIVE!

    By the way, a quick search for “Ron Paul Surfside” in returned 1 result…

    But maybe you weren’t looking closely enough?

  4. If you read this article, and all claims are backed with supporting links, you may see what one of Ron’s biggest problems is. His problem is not that his message is not getting out, it’s that his message IS getting out.

  5. Sorry Trailer Trash but the New York Times redacted their article. Looks like they were lying after all:

    “…about the Republican presidential candidate Ron Paul and his purported adoption by white supremacist and neo-Nazi groups contained several errors…”

    Read the article for yourself. Link:

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