Stay Away from NYC…

Welcome to the Police State in America.  Apparently this has been going on for some time:

Find a wallet, go to jail? New York undercover cops have been leaving wallets and purses around in public spots in the city, then arresting anyone who picks them up and doesn’t present them to a nearby uniformed officer.

 I thought the law was, “Finders Keepers?”  This is from the comments section:

about 5 months ago, my g/f was arrested as she left a deli in the bronx on her way home from work. a supposed drug buy went down involving some kids next to the deli. it was said they threw down the evidence. of which she was closest too when she left the deli.  she was charged with possession heroin and crack and spent a night in jail (well, 19hrs). in court 4months later, it was found the drugs had no drugs in them (none illegal, i guess) so they “lowered” the charges to loitering charge and a $95 dollar fine.  she said about a quarter of the people she met while in jail claimed they were arrested under similar conditions..

And another comment:

 and it just got funnier…my friend found one of these decoy wallets and approached the officer and handed it to him and they were so impressed that he actually got his choice of a 10 dollar gift card for wither Starbucks…or….wait for it… guessed…..DUNKIN DONUTS!!!!


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